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About In80

In80 started off as a travel company dedicated to offering customised and unique holidays made to reflect your individual interests, tastes and budget. As we continued to create and curate trips, and travel more ourselves, we realised that travel is about a lot more than a holiday or a few days off from our regular lives. For us, it is a way to enhance and enrich our daily life; to explore new perspectives, to meet people, to meet ourselves, and to share experiences.

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About Sneha

Sneha has spent a good portion of her life exploring this magical planet we get to inhabit. Travel has been everything, a profession, a learning experience and a form of meditation. Every journey she has undertaken has been transformative. She wishes to use her expertise to create a perfect experience for anyone embarking on a journey of their own. 


She is determined to explore new perspectives and help others do the same. In In80, this passion collides with her love for travel, to create true holiday experiences like never before.


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Mr Priyesh (Switzerland)

Sneha, Thanks a lot for all your support. It was quite a good experience and an easily executed plan. Very much enjoyed the trip. Titlis and Stanserhorn was the highlight of the trip and the trip covered a few activities also in Titlis which was a very good experience. Mainly Ice chair lift and an Ice slide. Thanks once again.

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Ms Shilpa (Vietnam)

We had a wonderful trip to Vietnam. Thanks to Sneha and her sincere effort in to making this a wonderful experience for us. She is a meticulous planner and very flexible to accommodate our timings and our needs at various times. Her suggestions for the tour/ sightseeings were all based on our interests which made it very clear for each of us to choose things which we truly enjoyed. And Finally she added a bit of personal touch by checking on us and making sure we got everything sorted out from the internal travel to hotel bookings etc. So I fully recommend you to organize trips with In 80 for a hassle free and enjoyable experience.

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Mr Nikhil (Srilanka)

I couldn't be happier for having chosen to organize my trip to Sri Lanka through Ms. Sneha, couldn't have been more helpful or attentive in putting together an itinerary that covered everything we wanted to see. Sri Lanka is the most stunningly diverse and fascinating country I have ever seen, and I can't recommend booking through Sneha enough - we paid a very fair price for all the services we received, and on a personal level, I felt much better knowing that that money went to the benefit of the local economy where it belongs. Sneha was reachable over the phone throughout our entire trip and we enjoyed five-star service through her.




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