About In80

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Hi, thanks for dropping by!

In80 started off as a travel company dedicated to offering customised and unique holidays made to reflect your individual interests, tastes and budget. As we continued to create and curate trips, and travel more ourselves, we realised that travel is about a lot more than a holiday or a few days off from our regular lives. For us, it is a way to enhance and enrich our daily life; to explore new perspectives, to meet people, to meet ourselves, and to share experiences. 

Travel at in80 is about movement – from one place to another, from one idea to another, from one phase of life to another. Today, in80 is a company that prioritises this movement through meaningful experiences. We recognised that journeys are not limited to travelling. Now in addition to specifically curated travel experiences to a neighbouring city or another country, we also offer a specialised mentoring programme that is designed to help you go through a journey of self discovery, finding your strengths, potential and growth. 

Be it travel or self-work we believe that every individual is unique and we focus on meeting your specific needs for your unique journeys. No two experiences we offer are ever the same.


We hope we can journey together.

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