About Sneha

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Sneha deeply believes that every person you meet has something to teach you. Before coming to the world of travel and mentoring, she worked with several renowned institutions taking on different roles in the corporate sphere. And while these two worlds may seem quite far apart, the connecting link has always been her belief in the power of human connections and in the importance of personal development. She worked with business to develop and maintain personal skills in their cadre and now she works with individuals to help them explore, enhance and develop their own interests, skills and strengths. 




For Sneha, travel isn’t just a journey to visit another place, but to discover oneself. On her own travels she has met several people who have both shaped her life and influenced her choices. Of these, some people, including Bunker Roy, Sonam Wangchuk and Joe Madiath, work in the field of education and community development. Through her travels and encounters she has developed a keen interest in education with an inclusive approach. She currently volunteers with U&I, an NGO that supports the learning of children in government schools. She has also curated trips for homeschooled children and has studied alternative education systems in various cities in India while on the Jagriti Yatra.

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She says, people you meet while on the road become some of the most valued names on your contact list; each of them offering perspectives and insights that can make a difference in helping you learn who you are. The power of travel lies in its capacity to change you. She emphasise that in life we meet different types of people and visit different places, but if the person moving through all this remains the same, we can’t change in order to grow and interact with the world around us. 


Sneha started in80 to create her own dream career that brings her diverse but complementary interests onto one platform that serves the purpose of growth, interaction and personal development. In80 curates unique travel experiences to places all around the globe based on individual interests and resources; as well as offers individual mentoring that brings out your personal strengths and potential. All of in80s offerings emphasise what Sneha finds most important – the person – and the abundance they have to offer and receive from the world. 

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