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20 Facts About Me ~Get To Know Me better~Sneha Jain a.k.a Jingle Jain

Updated: Jan 8

1. I LOVE dogs. They are my best friends.

2. I was born in Tiruvannamalai (TN-India) & brought up in Ulundurpet (TN-India) and moved to Chennai when I was 10 years old.

3. I’m born Indian!

4. Have OCD issues with cleanliness... don't like mess around

5. I studied at Ethiraj College for Women with a bachelor’s degree in Bcom Corporate Secretaryship.

6. I am an early riser. Sunlight makes me super active (but I also love to wear my sunglasses when driving or when stepping out)

7. I love the color white. It soothes my soul.

8. I like the simple things of life, like chilling with a good cup of coffee.

9. I am an outgoing person & I believe in making a difference to those around me

10. I am a perfectionist and I’m super proud of it!

11. I love to paint abstract art and write blog posts.

12. I work really hard.

13. Since the beginning of time, before I sleep, I ALWAYS have to meditate.

14. I like me time too much.

15. Love soothing music so much and too much to even list them all on here…

16. I’m a happy baby & loves to do yoga & give Therapeutic massages

17. I love shopping

18. I am extremely slow at figuring out jokes, witty comments, puns, etc. I wish I could keep up like everyone else… :'(

19. I talk to myself all the time

20. I’m an Entrepreneur, Professional Mentor, Life Coach, Travel Designer & a PR Specialist

There! I did it!

I thought this was going to be boring but I dare say it turned out much better than what I was expecting.

And I loved doing this. I actually learned a lot about myself writing this!

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