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Vietnam a "Timeless Charm"

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

My Vietnam adventure began at Ho Chi Minh City, still referred to as Saigon by many - the city that was pivotal in the Vietnam War. The popular Ho Chi Minh Square, located in District 1 Saigon which is right in the middle of the city, is the heart of the place in many ways. The bustling, crowded roads were like a throwback to home (minus the noise). The night markets in Vietnam are very famous for its street food, local souvenirs & silk products and I spent a good deal of time shopping for gifts and souvenirs. Don’t forget to add the trademark conical hats to your Things to buy in Vietnam list also try out the The Vietnamese Coffee if you are a coffee addict, it is found practically everywhere.

I also visited the famous cu chi tunnel, a remarkable throwback to stories from the war between America and Vietnam. The Saigon central post office, Notre dam cathedral, the independence palace and war remnants museum are the other landmarks of Saigon.

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