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Air Travel Experience in COVID Times

I would like to share my sister’s air travel experience on September 12th with 2 kids aged 7&9 as so many people in our group want to know the traveling norms during COVID times.

*Hyderabad to Chennai* (Spice Jet)

Regarding E-pass it's mandatory. She applied and got it approved within 2 hours or so

2nd book a ticket

Fill the self questionnaire at the airport or your airlines will give you a copy of the form

So before you travel you should ideally have your air-tickets & your ID proof

Flight was at 08.35 pm. It's advised to reach the airport 3 hours early. She reached at 0600 pm

Check-in was easy as there weren't many people around. You need to have your ticket, epass, and wear the PPE kit mandatorily if you take the middle seat

Food options were limited. Takeaway only so you have to find a spot to sit and eat

Around 7 pm she entered the departure gate. Security check was quick, with no need to remove laptops out of the bags, just a separate tray for each bag. Empty pockets etc…

Now boarding started around 7:15. Not much of social distancing the same as normal….People jumping lines to get first etc…

The first thing you notice when you find your seat is 2 masks, 1 face shield, and a small bottle of sanitizer for each blanket was given. It was advised to keep the face shield and mask on all the time. But not many followed it

Inflight entertainment is not available neither does phone charging via USB port. Everything is disabled to avoid people using touch screens

Also, there aren't any trollies at the Chennai airport although she could easily find one in Hyderabad


Within 40 mins or so meal was offered. As everyone was hungry all she could hear was the sound of people munching

A self-declaration form was given to fill as she had already had done it online wasn't sure if she needed to fill again. But just to be sure everyone filled it up

The flight landed at 09:25 pm. People were rushing despite the airport staff reminding them about social distancing guidelines

The first stop they will check your e-pass(have a copy in print), and they will stamp the boarding pass

Then you collect your luggage and leave the airport


Taxies are available on arrival (Uber, Ola, Fast track) you may book one on arrival or get picked by a family member or a friend


it's ok to come to the airport 2.30-3 hours in advance

Bring your own food. /blanket etc…

I hope this helps someone

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