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Are you having Trouble getting through the uncertainty of the pandemic? Lets re-look at our goals

Pen down what has been your important learning so far

The more you learn, the more you want to learn because you see how much more there is to learn. The first lesson in life for me was spiritual well-being. Then the intellectual, and thereafter the physical.

What you would like to make out of your life for yourself and for others

Human beings are meaning making machines so we have the power to give life any meaning that empowers and motivates us. The meaning I have given my life is to spread love and be compassionate with people around. Sharing my learnings with others will open up who I am and call for more action in my life

Bench marks and milestones toward your ambitions (no bucket lists)

It's good to have a structure planned which will guide you to track your progress and achievements in your goal. Every commitment you make will re-direct you to your goals. You will experience being highly productive.


achieve a healthy & happy work-life balance

learn a new language

become a mentor

be seen as an expert in my field

teach English at a corporation school

Relevance and importance of the three motivators allocate points out of 100 in ratio that suits your priorities -Money Power & Fame

Money~ Money matters for good social and mental health management. Planning your financial future will secure your spending habits and improve your quality of life. It’s a 40 for me

Power~ Power can be misleading and daunting and this area is very specific from individual to individual. For me it’s about doing and showcasing your potential and with that a positive power does emerge within you which is magical. I would give 35 points

Fame~ Fame again for me is a natural outcome; if you’re in tune with your goals fame will eventually come to you. I would give 25 points to this area

So share your thoughts and get inspired by your own declaration!!!

More importantly, why not share some of your life goals with us in the comments?

Let’s get those ideas flowing!

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