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Updated: Jul 8

Helping others can be greatly empowering, making you feel happier and fulfilled. You could choose to donate, follow or share, the choice is yours! Donating to causes closest to your heart and those that you really care about offers two fold benefits: it helps the charitable cause and is also a deeply rewarding experience personally.

The feeling of social conscience is a good enough reason to donate to some charities that may require funds, but if you follow the cause or create awareness through sharing, you still may be able to improve someone’s life. Nothing is too small when it comes to charity, it’s the thought that counts. Try it, for it can be a truly gratifying experience. …

With the pandemic and the current covid crisis in Chennai, the need for charity becomes even more relevant. I am happy to share with you, some of my favorite causes and organizations, you might consider donating to or supporting the cause, in whichever way you can, to make a visible difference!

Hope this inspires you to share and care…

RCM Next-Gen

Guided by the dictum that love, help, and care can impact society, this club encourages the younger generation to help make a difference to the community, more so in the present-day scenario, as the pandemic ravages lives and livelihoods. The Rotary Club of Madras is based in Chennai and is actively involved in working with government officials to ensure and deliver what is required by people.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the rich and the poor alike. Whilst the rich get treated in the best of private hospitals, it is the poor who struggle to get proper medical treatment. People like your domestic help, the sanitation worker, the rickshaw-wala, your watchman, the auto driver who drives your children to school, the delivery boys who deliver your necessities - these are people who suddenly find themselves unemployed, and consequently in dire straits when Covid strikes.

Plans are already afoot to set up a PSA Oxygen Plant at the Rajiv Gandhi Govt. General Hospital, Chennai


In charity, there is no excess!

- Francis Bacon

One life NGO

Often mental health issues are brushed under the carpet or kept under wraps, dictated by social stigma and taboo. Few people realize the importance of shedding light on these deep and dark issues. One such person is Pooja Srinivasa Raja, who has turned out to be a beacon of hope and help.

One Life NGO is led by Pooja Srinivasa Raja, the mother of a toddler. Her mission is to create a healthy community with mental wellness and provide a hearing as well as enough respect and support to people suffering from mental health issues.

Offering pro bono counselling sessions which are strictly confidential and voluntary, these free sessions are led by trained mental health professionals for people suffering from and affected physically, mentally, and emotionally during covid 19 and otherwise.

To register Dm one life @onelife, or care to follow and share!

Spread the word!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

-Winston Churchill

Care Health

Dr. Pavithra is a microbiologist and a Corona-virologist by training, armed with a coronavirus studies from Arizona State University. She is the Lab Director at Care Health Diagnostic Lab and an expert in the molecular biology of this deadly virus.

Dr.Pavithra is a strong believer in creating awareness and stating facts, as well as dispelling myths and rumors that revolve around Covid 19. She strives at disseminating evidence and science-based information pertaining to the virus.

Her impeccable credentials are listed below:

Here’s your chance to know all that you ever wanted to know about Covid 19. So go right ahead and air your doubts, share with others, follow and create a palpable awareness about this virus, which has touched all our lives in one way or the other!

If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives.

- Robert South

Blood Donor Connect

Blood Donor Connect is a charity organization to educate and encourage people about the importance of donating blood and becoming blood donors. This team of 15 works round the clock to make a visible difference. Their relevance in the current Covid 19 scenario cannot be stressed any further.

They encourage people to register as donors and take the pains to go to their homes to collect blood, often connecting the donors to the beneficiary patients. They can arrange transportation upon request to facilitate this noble cause.

Interacting informally with donors and their families, they have won many hearts, becoming an integral part of the family. Building bonds and connections is a natural consequence of their efforts, which in turn fosters a chain reaction and brings forth more donors.

They also educate donors on when to donate blood. Post vaccine they can donate blood after 14 days. Those who have recovered from Covid 19 can donate blood after 2 months

Follow them on Instagram@ or share with like-minded friends, encouraging them to register on the portal and donate blood for a life-saving cause.

God does watch over us and does notice us, but it is usually through someone else that he meets our needs. - Spencer W. Kimball

Sevai Karangal

Thirteen years old, SevaiKarangal run by a far-thinking power couple, supports 16 orphanages and one old age home. It has adopted 27 villages across Tamil Nadu, with the aim of bringing about socio-economic development. Beacons of light, they provide education to rural India.

In pandemic times, since schools are shut, they provide a centre of learning for children enabling them to complete primary and higher secondary schooling. They sponsor 65 students by paying their fees. At present they support 12 students pursuing Engineering, Nursing, and other courses, having instituted the Chanakya Educational Scholarship.

With the help of donors’ they could set up buildings and furnish them, set up a smart Board, Training Room, Activities Room, Library, and Computer Lab. However, it seems like a drop in the ocean! For all the good work they are doing, they need more large-hearted good Samaritans to come forward and help in their cause.

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven. ―Henry Ward Beecher

Danirasa Kitchen

What could be more precious than food during pandemic times and the ongoing Covid 19 crisis? Since the onset of the pandemic, The NGO, Danirasa’s Kitchen has not stopped preparing or distributing. I have been associated with them for over a year and their tireless and consistent efforts have been commendable.

Danirasa’s Kitchen is the brainchild of the large-hearted builder and construction magnate, Dhanraj Sivaprakasam. He continues to support the Trust till date. Danirasa’s Kitchen is 15 years old and was first started to cook and distribute food during the Chennai floods. But they have come a long way since…

The good work they are doing includes:

*Running a zero-fee school at Thiruthani

* Offering scholarships to 45 deserving girl students

* Complete support in the education of girl students

* Providing support for 50 women in earning their livelihood

* Their community kitchen churned out over 7 lakh meals in 2020, during Covid

* Their seamless reach, ensures distribution of food to covid patients, frontline workers etc.

Generous donations from compassionate people have poured in over the years, to sustain this NGO with a heart, making their efforts a success story. Maris Hotel has offered a continuous supply of vegetables throughout. Danirasa’s Kitchen remains indebted to all who have come forward from different quarters, to help this worthwhile cause.

Today, what this NGO needs is refined oil. Approximately 18 liters of oil is required to prepare 3 meals for the poor, beggars, covid patients, and front-line workers. The wholesale price for oil is Rs 155 per litre versus the retail price of Rs 164. You can donate to the NGO, to the oil vendor, or directly to me, whichever works for you.

Donate generously, follow and share, to create awareness of the good work they are doing. You can do your bit so that they continue to feed, educate and provide vocational guidance to ease pain and suffering in society.

Giving back to society can be in monetary terms through donations or creating visibility through awareness via sharing or ensuring others Follow the good causes. Any option you choose will lend a deeper meaning to your life and trigger compassion.

Personally, I have found great contentment in working with all these charitable causes. I hope you will too! Make this a way of life, your simple act could actually help make the world a better place!

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