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Is it time for homeschooling? Is it really for you?

Education should focus on both inward and outward journey of a child. Education is a bridge between the potentiality and the actuality.

In the last few months, most parents have been homeschooling their kids with some support from the school officials. Which has been challenging for all parents

Homeschooling is beginning to gain attention particularly for reasons such as the quality of education offered, exorbitant school fees at private institutions, and most importantly flexible teaching hours.

It's psychologically demanding for parents to choose an appropriate school for their children. All this for the sheer love for their children and to make sure he or she is Educated well in a safe environment and has a bright future

Here is an interview with a homeschooling parent based in Mumbai who enlightens us on how homeschooling is a readily available option to cope with today’s situation

Why homeschooling now?

We send our children to school to provide them with a conducive environment for developing their character, knowledge & equip them to face the challenges life brings. Well, this can also be taught at home with little help from our family members and friends. The current COVID situation is the new normal for all of us. A part of the responsibility also lies within us, the parents to deal with this new challenge with respect to our children’s education.

So does this mean every kid should be homeschooled?

Depends, If parents can give 4-5 hours per day, Certainly you should think of homeschooling

What about my kid's career if kids don’t get a certified degree?

Many global companies and most of our Small & medium companies hire on the basis of skill set and not just degrees. E.g. 40% of Google employees are hired basis their skill over degrees

What about social engagement & social skills if kids don’t go to schools?

This is the biggest myth. We must ensure that our children are socially connected with immediate family members and relatives. Besides homeschooling is not restricted to kids being at home all the time we could engage them into various activities that will require them to spend time with other children and make friends

What kind of curriculum to follow?

Parents are free to make their own curriculum based on their children’s age. The objective is to develop a child’s analytical, critical, and creative thinking & not to compete with schools and do better. It is indeed a lengthy process but the learning outcomes are far more important than acing an exam.

What difficulties do parents face in homeschooling?

Some of the common struggles are social stigma, time management & need for constant motivation for both children & parents. It is highly possible to lose patience along the process. The tendency to feel discouraged is also quite high when results are not oriented with exams or other regular methods to measure a child’s accomplishments. If parents choose to homeschool, they need to devise their own plans, goals & timelines. The focus ought to be on the learning outcomes, irrespective of the time required in the process.

Where can you register for homeschooling?

NIOS website

for Textbooks, you can use the NCERT textbooks available on Amazon &

When is the right age to start homeschooling?

The entire purpose of education is to build one’s character, knowledge, skills, etc. If you believe it's not achieved with current Education System. You may start homeschooling at any age

children should be able to play in the sun and still learn arithmetic. Our whole education system is based on giving ready-made answers. Because of those ready-made answers, you never develop your intelligence. Once we acknowledge that learning arithmetic is as important as playing in the sun, we will be able to focus on the Holistic Development of a child.

Hope this brings a new perspective on Education itself

I Invite your comments on the same…

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