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the Prince of the Caspian -Baku

Two days gives us just enough time to catch the main highlights

Day 1

Yanar Dag (Half day)

The Burning Mountain is located 30 kilometers from the center of Baku. The word Yanar in Azeri means “burning”, and Dagh means “mountain”

Gobustan & Mud Volcanos Tour (Half day) Gobustan reflect the history of Baku for nearly 15,000 years. It is well known with its perfectly preserved rock paintings-petroglyphs –a kind of artistic “archive” of human evolution on the Earth. At Gobustan you will have a chance to visit the Mud Volcanoes also known as sedimentary volcanoes or gas-oil volcanoes; they erupt powerfully and hurl flames to great heights. Mud Volcanoes also exit on the floor of the sea and alter the topography and shape of the coastline and even trigger earthquakes.

National Carpet Museum

This is must-visit. Designed by Australian architect Franz Janz to look like a rolled-up carpet, it is an exhibition space and a research centre- housing carpets from the 17th to the 20th centuries

Day 2

Whether you love cities best for their architecture, culture, people or food, in Baku exactly will be something to capture your imagination. An eastern country with a western outlook. Baku is an absolutely stylish city with incredibly old and modern buildings. Places to visit today are

· Haydar Aliyev cultural center

· Nobel Heritage Fund

· Museum of Modern Art

· Mosques, Churches, Synagogues

· Historical & Architectural building of Baku

If time permits

· Baku seaside Boulevard

· Baku Fountain square

· Flag square & Baku Crystal hall

I love Baku, this windy capital has so much love & culture & beyond

How to get there: Air Arabia, Turkish airlines, Vistara & Air India operate this route

Must have: Baklava & a food tour is a must if you’re a foodie

Tip: can combine with Turkey

Hotel recommendation: Four Seasons Hotel Baku

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