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“The road to freedom, here and everywhere, begins in the classroom”

I would like to share few golden memories of my papa’s primary school days

I was born in Tiruvannamalai and this meditative town is my Nana and Nani’s home. Indeed it is an exhilarating experience for me every time I visit this Spiritual Town. Just 4.5 hours away from Chennai city this town is a must visit for several reasons

My papa hails from Ulundurpet just few hours away from Tiruvannamalai and this is where I grew up in a big joint family system with my Dadi at the top being a wonderful leader to all of us

In Indian tradition, we are taught to respect our mother, father, teacher and only thereafter God. Because the first three represent the last while we are in this Earth. While our parents have natural love for us, it is our teachers who inculcate learning in us, influence our thinking and mould our character

My papa says:

All through my life I have cherished the memory of my primary school teacher Thiru Muthu Annamalai to whom I owe everything I am today. He is the only teacher to have been honored with the Best Teacher Award from both Central and State Govts. He was my class teacher from 1st standard to 5th standard. The Hindu Panchayat Union School run by Govt of Tamil Nadu in Ulundurpet, previously Villupuram Dist., and at present in Kallakurichi District (Formerly undivided South Arcot District) my home town where I did my early school education, that's the place where the foundation of my life was laid by Thiru. Muthu Annamalai. He guided me in each and every step I took in life and gave me his unflinching support

I am fortunate to have him in my life. His encouragement meant a lot to me. Today he is 94. Every time I meet him, I learn something new. With him around, I see myself improving day by day. He's the one who shaped my career and my personal life. He is not a lone doyen, but a member of the select band of accomplished Indian teachers, among whose ranks we have been privileged to include stalwarts such as Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Rabindranath Tagore, Pavendar Bharathidasan, Thiru Vi Kalyanasundaranar (Thiru-Vi-Ka) and Dr AJ Abdul Kalam. These persons were great not just because of their unfathomable knowledge and wisdom, but because of their sterling character. Indeed they left behind a legacy for the future generations to emulate

He lived a life of simplicity and austerity. Apart from school duties, he used to take up social responsibilities as well and was a powerful speaker who left a profound impact when he delivered speeches on the public platform. Everyone trusted and revered him and there was not one occasion, happy or sad, where he was not present to share joys and sorrows alike with the people of the town, most of whom had passed through his hands as students. Every teacher in my life has made a difference. Today I would like to wish each and everyone of them for making me who I am; for teaching me so many things in life. I too have crossed 60 and I'll remember them and the love and respect I have for them will remain for ever

I felt so emotional reading this message from my papa to his Teacher.Here is a picture with this legend “Annamalai Vadhiyar” who still stands powerful and so committed in his passion to Teach Wholesome education to humanity. One-third of our education should be concerned with our well-being — body, health, ways to stay younger and live longer. And one-third — the last and the most important — should be concerned with love, with death, and the secrets of life itself. Only then will we have a wholesome education. And through that education, we can create a man and a society which will be healthy, youthful, loving, soulful, overflowing with joy, always ready to share with anyone — because nobody is a stranger on the earth; the whole earth is one family.

My vision of education is that life should not be taken as a struggle for survival; life should be taken as a celebration. Life should not be only competition, life should be joy too. Singing and dancing and poetry and music and painting, and all that is available in the world — education should prepare you to fall in tune with it — with the trees, with the birds, with the sky, with the sun and the moon.

We have legends like “Annamalai Vadhiyar” who are willing to share their time an knowledge to the Youth of India in this digital era. But with the uncertainty

of COVID 19 we are unable to reach the students physically hence facilitating the “Technology Drive” to help these students get the right to their Education

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