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Mr Muthu (Kerala)

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My first International family holiday to Bali was curated and well guided by Ms Sneha. She was exceptional and very proactive on each ones taste and preferences! She also arranged for a photo shoot for us while on holiday... would highly recommend her services & also her friendly attitude & approach makes it a memorable holiday!


I thank in80 holidays, Me and my wife had an amazing break for 5 days at Munnar, the entire trip was so well planned and executed by Sneha from in80 holidays. It was one of our best holidays in a long time. Each day was well planned, and our stay was out of the world at the Kaivalyam Wellness Retreat and Tall tree resorts Munnar. We were amazed by the hospitality of the staff and the warmth of the people who made our stay so very comfortable. We enjoyed our yoga sessions which were conducted by the owner of the Wellness resorts. The food was very good and gave us a feeling of home away from home.
Looking forward to having more such holidays with in80 holidays.


We went to Alleppey and spent 1 Day on the houseboat. We enjoyed the trip with the best facilities available in each location. Very professionally crafted trip. Sneha did meticulous work to plan each and every minute of stuff to make it real leisure stuff for our family. When we think of holidays and leisure trips, our immediate choice will be in80 holidays. Continue with the A-class service in80. 👍

My holiday to Top Slip and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve with Sneha was perfectly customized and well-planned. The entire tour was well organized and it was an amazing opportunity to witness the picturesque Indian landscape. After Coimbatore, our next stop was Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. We stayed at a cosy cottage and our safari into the Reserve was the highlight of our trip! At the Tiger Reserve, we spotted a few tigers, Indian leopards, wild boars, elephants, King Cobra and flying lizards. 


We also visited the Thunakadavu Dam where we spent a quiet afternoon gazing at the serene and tranquil waters. En route to Parambikulam Dam, we saw the Kannimara teak tree, a 40 meter tall, 465 years old teakwood tree. The next day, on our way to Valparai, we stopped at Monkey Waterfalls for a playful splash. At Valparai, we stayed at a 250-year-old guest house. We also visited Athirappilly Waterfalls, a popular location for shooting South Indian films.

The entire trip was meticulously planned with an eye for detail and conservation of time. The aim was to ensure that every moment would create cherished and lingering memories for years to come. I would like to personally thank Sneha Jain for the enchanting experience of the Indian wildlife. Although travelling around the world in 80 days might be an attractive package, “in80 Holidays” helped me unveil the unmatched beauty of Mother India.

“in80 Holidays” had painstakingly planned our trip in such a way as to make every moment of the wildlife exploration well worth its while.

Looking forward to the next trip!

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Ms Louise Freymann (Jaipur)

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In March 2022 I went over to southern India for my son's wedding festivities, and wanted to do a solo trip after that for around a week.

I chose Jaipur because i loved the photos i had seen of that city, and after several days in the south i knew that going up to the state of Rajasthan would be cool.


My daughter-in-law's mother connected me with Sneha Jain from Troteasy to help me plan out the trip.

I have to say i have never in the past chosen to work with a travel agent/consultant, preferring to do everything myself. I'm so glad i did it this time.

Some friends had told me that they were excited about my adventure but were concerned about me essentially wandering around India by myself.


I can't say enough about the wonderfulness of Troteasy. Sneha and i zoomed several times, she was always quickly responsive, made good suggestions, listened to my interests and preferences, and never pressured me into decisions. She said she would arrange a responsible driver for me, and also a guide, so i could easily get wherever i wanted to go every day and so i would understand what i was looking at when i got there. This turned out to be a brilliant idea. As a matter of fact, i can't imagine having done a trip to Jaipur without a driver and guide. Rajkumar was my driver, and he was always reliable and good-humored AND drove really well, which is necessary when navigating the insanity of motorbike, rickshaw, and car traffic. Though i gawked at the traffic, i was never worried about my safety.


My guide, Karan, was also very responsible and reliable--and full of information and stories. I enjoyed both of them immensely, and the driver/guide arrangement was also very affordable. We visited City Palace, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Bahngarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort (I am not obsessed with forts; the forts are just very much part of Jaipur's history), several lovely temples, a place where i could see how beautiful rugs are made, and several textile shops i had wanted to visit. My days were long and interesting, and i feel i absorbed as much as i could in very few days. Even the food that i ate for lunch every day was beyond delicious; i know that my guide took great care to take me only to restaurants that he knew, so we didn't risk stomach issues. The entire trip i had no problems at all with any negative reaction to foods. The food part of my trip was pure pleasure. I ate breakfast and dinner at a hotel i found myself--Shahpura House--and i highly recommend that heritage site hotel for couples or people travelling alone. 


Sneha Jain not only helped me plan my Jaipur trip, she was accessible throughout the trip. If i had any questions at all, i could text her and get a quick response. She would also sometimes check in with a text to see how i was doing and if everything was pleasing to me. I recommend asking her --and your guide--any questions you may have, especially details about what you might expect if you go to Chokhi Dhani or Pushcar or the ancient mosque in Ajmer Dargah. Everyone has different experiences, but some details are good to know in advance (for example, if you want to do a lovely prayer ritual with a holy person by the water in Pushcar, a donation to Shri Teerth Guru Pushkar Purohit Sangh Trust is not required, but clearly expected). 


I highly recommend Troteasy for anyone who wants to have the fullest and most comfortable experience when travelling to Jaipur. They are terrific!